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  • Heirloom Padron Pepper

    The traditional frying pepper from Galicia Spain. This pepper is very popular and can be found in almost every tapa restaurant in the country. Though they say that some can be almost sweet, they become hotter as they mature to red. Pick them small and green for a mild pepper with the odd surprise whammy. Like a culinary Russian Roulette. Though usually eaten as a green pepper, they turn to bright red when fully mature. After seeding the ripe fruit, we dry the flesh and then grind for a bright orange chilli powder. Heirloom. 65-80 days 

    • Care Instructions

      Compost: Ensure the soil is rich in organic matter. Fertilising the soil often with manure intensifies the flavour of the peppers.

      Watering: excessive moisture causes the flower to fall. Dry conditions will intensify the piquancy of the pepper. Extreme draught exposure will turn the peppers into chillies.