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  • Sunfinity™ Yellow Dark Center Sunflower

    Sunfinity, is a sunflower that offers nonstop blooming, multiple branches, and more flowers all season long. Unlike traditional sunflowers that produce one flower late in the season and then die, Sunfinity will continually bloom, with an average of 100 blooms per plant from late spring through late summer or fall.

    These vigorous sunflowers will grow to garden heights of 36 to 48 inches and widths of 24 to 36 inches and are ideal for large garden spaces and patios. 


    • Additional Product Info

      Continuous blooms all season long - over 100 blooms on one plant during the whole season

      Easy to care for - deadheading and pruning are not required

      Fast growing - Sunfinity will get 3-4' tall and 2-3' wide in the garden

      A great cut flower - enjoy flowers inside your home, all while your outdoor plant keeps blooming

      Versatile - plant in garden beds or patio containers

      Attracts pollinators to the garden.