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  • Rosemary Planter

    We made this gorgeous arrangement in a 15”insert  last year for a client and loved it so much that we decided to make it available for 2019.

    Low maintenance and high impact makes this one of my personal favourites.

    The 32” Veradek planter can be purchased separately.

    Quantities will be limited.





    • Care Instructions

      Place in areas of sun 6 hours or more. Generally will need to be watered every second day except for those really hot summer days, then it will need water daily. Fertilized 2 times per week with Evolve Organic All Purpose Fertilizer.

    • Pick Up

      May is an unpredictable month, we can get beautiful, warm sunny days, but the nights are still cold, and risk of frost is high. All online baskets/planters are held here at the garden centre until May 24th. BLACKOUT PICKUP DATES MAY 19-21.

      So, leave the babysitting to us.


      Customers that cannot pick up by May24th, please let us know and for an additional holding fee of $5/pot/day we can hold them until the 1st if June.



    32" Veradec Urn