Guernika-(Capsicum annuum)-Guernica is a town in the Province of Biscay, Spain which is in the heart of Basque country. The Gernika pepper is named after this town but mainly grown in the neighboring Province of Vizcaya and is an official protected Basque pepper like the Piment de Espelette. When sold in EU countries it must have a seal certifying this on all packaging. It is traditionally cooked like the Pimiento de Padron which is also fried in olive oil and served as an appetizer. It is lightly seasoned with sea salt just before serving. Like the Padron, it is eaten green and has a mild heat if any heat at all. Some do allow to ripen red and dry for a seasoning powder. It is also good for stuffing like a Jalapeno is sometimes used. Delicious when accompanied by an ice cold beer or fine wine! The Gernika chile plants grow just under 3 feet tall and are very productive.

Guernica Pepper


Compost: Ensure the soil is rich in organic matter. Fertilising the soil often with manure intensifies the flavour of the peppers.

Watering: excessive moisture causes the flower to fall. Dry conditions will intensify the piquancy of the pepper. Extreme draught exposure will turn the peppers into chillies.


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