• DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - These large-sized containers are very durable and lightweight, so they make a great container for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • TIMELESS DESIGN - These planters have a classic, simple design that features multiple layers and a textured exterior. The simple, yet elegant look of the exterior makes it easy to fit these containers in any home.
  • DRAIN HOLES - This plant vase features a bottom-channel design with raised, punch-out drain holes for adequate water drainage. This allows you to easily regulate the drainage and aeration of the containers as well as switch from an indoor setting to an outdoor setting easily.
  • PAIR WITH SAUCER - The Terrazzo Round Planter can be easily paired with the Terrazzo saucer for added protection against leakage, making this planter perfect for indoor use.
  • GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF PLANTS - Although these large sized garden pots are great for house plants, use them to grow vegetable plants, ornamental plants, an herb, succulents or a cactus, and more.



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