Prelude Raspberry plants provide the earliest summer harvest, with a bonus harvest in fall. Enjoy these easy-to-pick red berries fresh from the patch or in desserts and jams, and they also freeze well. Sturdy, erect plants are productive and vigorous. Disease-resistant to phytophthora root rot. Cold-hardy. Self-pollinating, Height 4-5', red berry. Ripens in June (floricanes) with an unusually large yield, with a smaller harvest again in September (primocanes) . Ever bearing. Hardiness zones 5-8.

Raspberry Prelude Everbearing


Prepare your soil and plant as early as spring permits; frost will not harm them. Plant spacing is 3 feet apart within the row and 10 feet between rows. Proper planting depth is 1-2 inches lower than the nursery soil line (dark brown line on cane). Dig holes that are large enough to prevent roots from crowding together. Place roots in hole and fill with soil. Pack firmly for good root and soil contact. Water the plants in well. Trellising your plants helps keep them manageable and healthy.

Apply Evolve All Purpose Organic Fertilizer May. 

Pruning has a major impact on the production of quality caneberry fruit. It will affect growth rate, fruit number, size, and disease susceptibility.

Will produce a heavy crop of fruit on first-year canes near the end of the season and another, lighter crop on the same canes the following summer. Some gardeners prefer to allow their plants to produce the first, bigger crop on first year canes. Cut all the canes to the ground in early spring when the plants are still dormant. If you'd rather allow the canes to produce their second harvest, you'll need to leave the first year canes intact after they have yielded their harvest. Cut the second year canes to the ground after they have produced their early summer crop.

Pests & Diseases:
Generally free of pests and diseases. If birds are eating too many berries, we recommend using BirdBlock Protective Netting.

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