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Polystichum polyblepharum Japanese Tassel Fern

This is a beautiful low to medium-sized fern that performs well in moist shady conditions. Plants form a neat clump of arching dark green fronds that are semi-evergreen, lush ,full and grow from a central rosette. The stems anr covered with a light dusting of copper colored hairs which contrast with the dark green of the pinnea. The fronds are lustrous and add a sparkle to the woodland floor. Plants are well-behaved and not invasive. 

  • Additional Product Info

    Zone: 5-9

    Exposure: Full Sun or Partial Shade or Full Shade

    Resists: Deer,Rabbit 

    Height: 30-60 cm  12-23 Inches

    Spread: 45-60 cm 18-23 Inches

    Foilage Shade: Deep Green

    Moisture: Average or Moist or Wet

    Uses: Alpine & Rock Garden's, Borders,Containers,  Cut Flower, Edging, Massed, Woodland


  • Care Instructions

    Early Spring: Divide or transplant as soon as new growth appears, and water well if it is unseasonably dry, as plants prefer an evenly moist soil. Fertilize gently with a slow-release fertilizer or use an organic mulch. Recently planted Ferns may be slow to appear, but be patient.

    Mid-Spring: Water consistently if rainfall is not sufficient to keep soil moist. Apply a 2″ thick mulch of composted leaves or pine needles.

    Late Spring: Watch for slug or snail damage and treat as necessary.

    Summer: Continue regular watering as needed to maintain soil moisture.

    Fall: Cut foliage back to soil level when it dies back after a heavy frost. When the ground freezes, mulch to protect plants from heaving out of the soil in winter.

  • Warranty

    We at Black Forest Garden Centre, know that our customers buy plants expecting them to grow, and not intending on killing them! But sometimes things just go wrong, we offer a no hassle 1-season warranty on all perennials.

    We are unable to offer a warranty on plants purchased on discount or end of season specials.