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  • Invincibelle Hydrangea 'Limetta'

    Invincibelle Limetta® hydrangea is the easy way to experience refreshing summer color every year. It's as reliable as the classic 'Annabelle,' but offers big-time improvements, like strong stems that hold the blooms upright all season, and a dwarf, rounded habit that makes it perfect to plant anywhere, from foundations to flower gardens. In early summer, spheres of lime green flowers appear. They lighten to a soft green-white before turning jade green for the rest of the season. They last clear through frost for a persistent show that takes practically no effort on your part - they are great for both fresh and dried cut flowers.


    Top three reasons to grow Invincibelle Wee White hydrangea:

    1. Blooms every year, even in cold climates. It's practically fool-proof!

    2. Flowers are held up on strong stems - no flopping.

    3. Lime green flowers are perfect for the summer landscape, and it reblooms.Garden Height: 30 - 36 InchesSpacing: 36 - 48 InchesSpread: 30 - 36 Inches

    • Additional Product Info

      Zone: 3-9

      Growth rate: Fast Upright Mounding

      Average landscape size: 30-36 in. tall, 30-36 in. wide.

      Foliage color: Green

      Blooms: Summer through Fall

      Flower color: Green to White

      Flower attributes: Showy Flowers That are Good for Cut Flowers.

    • Care Instructions

      Thrives in enriched, well-drained soil; provide partial shade in hotter regions. Apply mulch to conserve soil moisture and protect in harsh winters. Water deeply, regularly during first growing season to establish extensive root system. Apply fertilizer in early spring. Blooms on new wood; prune in spring, just before new growth emerges.

    • Warranty

      We at Black Forest Garden Centre, know that our customers buy plants expecting them to grow, and not intending on killing them! But sometimes things just go wrong, we offer a no hassle 1-Year warranty on all Trees and Shrubs.

      We are unable to offer a warranty on plants purchased on discount or end of season specials.