Plant produces heavy yields of ½ to 1 oz bright red grape tomatoes. They are super sweet and very flavorful. Grows in clusters. Produces heavy yields up to 12 pounds per plant. The first grape tomato pant bred specially for patios! Suitable for hanging baskets, patio tomato, containers, small gardens, and hydroponics gardening. Good shelf life. Excellent choice for home gardens. Disease Resistant

To maintain flowering and fruiting feed your plant with a complete soluble fertilizer like Evolves Organic Tomato Food and EVOLVES Calcium Plus.

Nothing tastes better than eating what you grow!!

Fantastico Cherry Tomato


The plants want good soil, lots of sun and heat, regular feeding, and careful staking. Your reward will be sweet fruit for many weeks, plus the rich, unmistakable Tomato scent that alone is enough to make your mouth water. 

Learn the whys and hows of pruning Tomato plants in a fully illustrated video from Fine Gardening magazine. Click here.

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