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  • Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Dawn Redwood'

    A very large tree with a neat, pyramid crown which is a great choice for urban, avenue or specimen planting. One of few deciduous conifers, the foliage is a flat needle, bright green, light and feathery turning fiery orangey-brown before falling. The bark is also attractive, reddish brown and fluted. Another identifying feature is that the buds, unlike other conifers, are on the underside of the twigs rather than above.

    • Additional Product Info

      Zone: 4-8

      Growth rate: Fast

      Exposure: Full Sun

      Height: 75-100 ft. (Not in out life time)

      Spread: 15-25 ft.

      Foliage color: .5 inch long. They turn shades of reds and browns in autumn before falling.

      Flower color: Red

      Uses: Specimen, large landscapes


    • Care Instructions

      Grow in humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. On dry sites, growth slows down after the tree reaches 30 feet tall.

    • Warranty

      We at Black Forest Garden Centre, know that our customers buy plants expecting them to grow, and not intending on killing them! But sometimes things just go wrong, we offer a no hassle 1-Year warranty on all Trees and Shrubs.

      We are unable to offer a warranty on plants purchased on discount or end of season specials.