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Clematis 'John Huxtable'

John Huxtable' is a large-flowering, hybrid clematis cultivar that features profuse white flowers, with creamy stamens that are  5-6" across.  Blooms on new growth (the current season's growth) and appears in a long, continuous summer display. June to September

  • Additional Product Info

    Zone: 4

    Height: 72 - 96 Inches 

    Spacing:  48 - 60 Inches 

    Spread:  36 - 48 Inches 

    Flower Colors:  White

    Foliage Colors:  Green 

    Habit:  Climbing 

    Container Role:  Thriller

    Light Requirement:  Part Sun to Sun

    Maintenance Category:  Easy

    Blooms On:  New Wood

    Bloom Time: June to September

    Water:  Average

    Uses:  Patio container, Ideal for walls & trellis & arches & pergolas

  • Care Instructions

    Early Spring:

    Fertilize with 5-10-10 when new growth reaches two inches.

    If you need to move a plant, transplant young vines now.

    Wait until new growth appears before removing dead or damaged stems and before pruning as required by variety: leave Group I Clematis alone; prune Group II plants lightly to shape and remove weak growth; cut Group III varieties back to 12 inches above the ground, or higher if you desire taller vines.

    If this is the first spring after planting, prune stems of all varieties down to the lowest pair of healthy buds to encourage strong growth and new stems.


    Continue feeding every month, alternating 5-10-10 with 10-10-10.

    Plant annuals at base of plants if unprotected by flat stones to allow for a cool root zone.

    Gently tie vines to supports as they grow.

    Late Spring:

    Mulch if desired but keep material away from crowns and stems.

    Water thoroughly if season is dry.

    Cultivate around vines with care as physical injury will cause wilting and death of injured stems.

    Continue to guide new growth by tying to supports as needed.

    Lightly prune Group I Clematis immediately after flowering to shape the vines if needed.


    Watch for signs of fungal wilt and remove and destroy affected plant parts if it occurs, then sterilize pruners with bleach solution.

    Group II Clematis may be pruned back by one-half after main flush of bloom to encourage strong growth and new flowers.

    Continue to water if conditions indicate.


    Check to be certain that the vines of Group I and II varieties are tied securely to supports to withstand winter wind and snow.

    Mulch if desired, keeping material away from the crown.

    If the season is dry, water well and deeply.

  • Warranty

    We at Black Forest Garden Centre, know that our customers buy plants expecting them to grow, and not intending on killing them! But sometimes things just go wrong, we offer a no hassle 1-Year warranty on all Trees and Shrubs.

    We are unable to offer a warranty on plants purchased on discount or end of season specials.