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Begonia Surefire® Red

Begonia Surefire® Red


These plants are versatile working in both sun or shade, which makes them a wonderful unifying plant to use in both sun and shade beds.  Unlike older begonias, these are quite vigorous.  They can tolerate some drought conditions, but will look their best with more consistent moisture and regular feeding.  They love the heat and do not need to be deadheaded to bloom all summer long.  What's not to love!


Surefire® Red Begonia Spacing

Since this is a larger upright plant, spacing the plants properly is important for healthy growth. Topping out at about 24 inches and spreading out 24 inches, give this beauty 12 to 18 inches of room between plants. This will allow them to fill in beautifully and remain healthy. Pair these beautiful all season bloomers with caladium, euphorbia, petunia, heuchera, solenostemon and ipomoea for an outstanding contrast of colors, leaf sizes and textures.


  • Light Requirement is Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Height 12-24 Inches
  • Width 18-24 Inches
  • Use as a thriller when using in containers
  • Bronze to black leaves with a glossy sheen!

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