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Elephant Garlic Pkg of 3

Elephant is certified and the largest “garlic” you can get! Just like its name, Elephant is large with 1 1/2″ cloves that have a great mild garlic-like flavor. Elephant’s bulbs can easily weigh a pound or more! This variety is very easy peeling and keeps very well. Each bulb averages 3-5 cloves. Approximately 9-14 garlic cloves per .5/kg (1lb)


  • Growing Tips

    Spring Planting: Plant cloves in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked and there is no risk of hard frosts. Prepare a 6′ by 2′ bed in full sun with well-drained soil. Separate the bulbs into individual cloves and plant each clove, with the tip pointing up, 5cm (2″) deep and 15cm (6″) apart. As the plants start to grow, mound up soil around leaves, adding several inches over the summer months. Garlic needs consistant  moist soil so mulch the plants to conserve moisture and water weekly if there is no rain.